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Soundcloud is one of the most relevant platforms when it comes to publishing independent music. In this ebook I will show you how to get your first 1000 followers in lesse than one week.

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Why Soundcloud ?

The most successful careers today have emerged from Soundcloud from professional and recreational producers and deejays.

Soundcloud Profile

Visitors decide within the first seconds whether they like your profile and dig into your music. Make sure to have a magnificent profile.

First Class Music

Make sure that you produce high-quality, innovative, and thoughtful music that inspires people.

Soundcloud Networking

You need to know who your target group is. This is the first step to a successful Soundcloud career.

Downloads and more

Free content is always a great way to connect with your followers and fans.

External Reach

As an independent artist on Soundcloud you can benefit from the reach of already established music networks.

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Soundcloud Marketing Guide - Sample Pages

Feel free to read through these sample pages before you download the ebook.

1. Why Soundcloud?

Soundcloud is one of the most popular and well used networks for publishing independent and new music. The most successful careers today have emerged from Soundcloud from professional and recreational producers and deejays, utilizing Soundcloud as their main network for promoting new music. However, Soundcloud is more than that - its secondary function as a social network provides endless possibilities for collaborating and sharing ideas with other musicians.

Soundcloud makes it easy for you to distribute your music to an extensive audience of music lovers - for free. From all the big players, such as iTunes and Spotify, Soundcloud is the only network that provides you with most of its functionality for free. If you have already been an active Soundcloud user, you probably have noticed how much the network has to offer for independent artists, and how much potential it has for you to start building an audience and even a career. However, all the benefits that Soundcloud has to offer will not come in handy if nobody knows about your profile.

3. Soundcloud Profile

If you don’t capture a user’s attention with your profile image in the first seconds of him or her visiting your page, it is likely that they will not look at your music either.

Therefore it is essential that your profile image has an appealing and crisp design. This can be achieved by using simple symbols, typography, or candid photography (see examples). If you are interested in graphic design, try designing it yourself, but avoid an unprofessional looking profile image. The internet is full of free images that you can use for in private and commercial projects (see list attached).

In some cases you can even pick a beautiful image and just add a simple photo filter, some text, or your logo to make a crisp profile image. Candid photography always works great accross different social media wbesite and the rule applies to Soundcloud as well. So if you‘re unsure about your profile image just grab a catchy piece of photogrpahy for the beginning.

4. Tags & Metadata

The song metadata is where you will put all your song information. This info will be crawled by Soundcloud in order to make it appear on the Soundcloud search result pages, which is a necessary feature for your music to be discovered on Soundcloud. Make sure you put all the correct data in here describing your song with simple yet useful text, and make use of the right tags. I cannot stress how important tags are for your success on Soundcloud. The main tag is the most important one since it is visible on the Soundcloud audio player. You should use this tag to relate your song to a generic genre. Unknown, uncommon, or rare tags like #AmbientDowntempo should be avoided since they are not searched for on Soundcloud very often.

The song description gives you the chance to say something about your song so make sure to take advantage of this feature. Try to convey to your listeners how and why you made the song. What motivated you? What software or plugins did you use? And most importantly, what does the song mean to you?

For the description you can make use of additional describing tags. For these tags you should use some generic and some more specific tags. A total of 10-15 tags is perfect. Try to look at other, more famous musicians to get a feeling for which of the common tags are popular and relevant to your music.

6. Reach Fans on Soundcloud

What is reach? Reach on Soundcloud is exactly what this ebook is about - promoting your music to the right people. You need to know who your target group is. This is the first step to a successful Soundcloud career.

This is where the actual work starts. Research, selection and interaction. Your profile will only grow if you find the right people who will engage with your music. This can only be achieved if you know what kind of people may be interested in your music. You could show some of your tracks to your friends to scope out what kind of people are interested in your music.

Most likely you should find out what other artists they might be interested in so you can evaluate similar artists and form a meaningful target group (people who like Flume, What So Not, HWLS, KAASI ). Finding those artists makes it easier for you to promote your own music later on. Furthermore, your research and communication with other Soundcloud users can be broken down into three main steps, which you should make use of in the following six weeks.

Comments, reposts, playlists and likes: The possibilities of engagement on Soundcloud are endless. It is primarily lesser known artists who engage extensively on Soundcloud and value decent feedback. You can easily engage with artists who share the same passion for music - especially in the same genre - and exchange information about your tracks and production software. Do you like the way a certain track is produced? Write meaningful feedback about it in the comments section. Do you think a mastering could have been better? Let the artist know. Give your constructive feedback. Most Soundcloud users are open-minded, and are likely to give feedback to your music as well. Always keep in mind that Soundcloud is a free community, and not a commercial network.

Choosse Chapter:

  • Chapter 1

    - Why Soundcloud?
  • Chapter 3

    - Soundcloud Profile
  • Chapter 4

    - Tags & Metadata
  • Chapter 6

    - Reach Fans on Soundcloud

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